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Running Goals To Stay Motivated Without Normal Races

How can we stay motivated without training for normal races? This could cause to shift our focus away from our PR’s. What we should aim for is for good and nice running goals that will keep us going, no matter what’s happening with normal races.

There are many other things that could excite us, motivate us and keep us going and run.

Luckily, as long as we’re able to run, we will be a happy runner. We all need a reminder that fast speed isn’t the only way to be a successful runner.

Running Goals Beyond Races

We can enjoy nice runs and focus on the distances and kilometres we will accomplish yearly. Training for races help many runners to keep going and train, but without having access to normal races, we can still keep running and enjoy feeling fit and healthy.

So when some favourite races are not going to happen, we can enjoy to perform a practice race or virtual race. Also, we can organize some nice long-distance runs with nice running groups to accomplish great running goals.

Fun Running Goals to Keep us Motivated

1. Pacing a Friend

If we would like to enjoy the race atmosphere without the pressure, helping a friend reach their goal of a new pace or distance, which we have run previously.

We will get to enjoy the routes, be their cheerleader and remember that no matter what our finish time is the fact that we finish together and a friendly runner reaches a new goal is pretty spectacular.

2. Running a New Distance/Race Style

It’s an automatic PR if we run a new distance, which means we can simply enjoy the first go round knowing that we will be able to improve next time around.

Some options:

  • 21K-Half-Marathon Road Race

  • Full-Marathon Road Race

  • Trail Run

  • Long-Distance Trail Run

  • Ultra-Marathon

  • Any New Running Distance

Our goal should be to finish and learn a whole lot about ourself in the process.

3. Commit to Finding a Running Partner

As a solo runner, many of us enjoy our running time as a chance to disconnect and think.

But there’s simply too much research proclaiming the benefits of running with others to ignore it.

We should get over our fear of joining a running group, add a little extra effort to meet up with a friend one day each week or start making our get-togethers more fitness focused.

  • It provides accountability.

  • Running with a faster friend on our speed work days.

  • Join a newer runner to help them on our easy day and we will keep it as an easy run.

4. Perform Some Strength Training

Instead of simply focusing on running for speed building, we should start building a strong body to support a better and stronger running form.

Studies show that adding strength workouts and plyometrics can increase our speed and running form.

  • 2-3 full body workouts per week is going to help with better endurance and less injuries

  • Core workouts are also very important for runners to increase the whole body’s stability, strength, and balance.

Other great recommendations are squat jumps, burpees, jump lunges, push ups, and even pull ups.

It is even more important with age that we perform some of the plyo movements to overcome dropping hormones, and support good bone and muscle quality, and age related issues.

5. Focus on Consistency

Even when our body no longer allows us to run the way we used to, we should still focus on consistency and plan for a great nice weekly training schedule.

Consistency doesn’t sound easy, but to think about how it would change our week to get in a routine, to hit all our runs without excuses, and to actually do the runner’s strength training that will be so efficient.

6. Focus on Better Nutrition

Maybe now is the time to focus on the nutrition that will make our runs feel better or help us lose the weight that made us to start running.

  • Increasing protein will help with muscle build up, recovery and lower our sugar, and sweet cravings.

  • Focusing on eating enough good food to really fuel the kilometres and maintain our energy level.

  • Make it a goal to test out your nutrition and truly start fueling your runs well.

  • We should also focus on anti-inflammatory foods to enhance recovery.

7. Diversify Our Route

With our eyes closed, we can map out the route from our door through the neighbourhood and back to equal 5-10K.

Repetition is comforting, but it can also lead to a bit of boredom.

Set a goal to mix it up once a week:

  • Turn right instead of left.

  • Run many different roads in your town.

  • Run somewhere else entirely.

  • Run on trails.

8. A Running Streak

A run streak is simply running for a minimum set distance (or more) every day.

We know how we feel about streak running, a short term streak might be exactly what we need to get addicted to that sweaty runner’s high.

It forces us to start thinking more creatively about how much time we have in the day and to enjoy running in random new places to make it happen. Running streak on the road, trail or even treadmill.

  • Keep the streak short.

  • Keep the goal easy like 5-10K a day.

  • If we feel an injury starting we should take a break.

  • A streak can also be just doing an everyday activity- Run, walk, yoga, mobility, strength.

9. Race With Someone

Maybe we want to attempt a first virtual or normal race with a friend. To run with a running partner can be super motivating to keep going and maintaining more energy level physically and mentally.

We should focus on just to keep moving at a nice comfortable pace, and push a bit more for the last few sections. Again, to run with one or more friends will make it much more enjoyable and fun.

Focus on Great Running Goals and Schedule, Enjoy Every Run, Run with Friends, Even Run Unofficial Races!


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