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Improve your overall fitness and health with our high energy, fun, and motivational classes.


Great for all fitness levels. 

Core  |  Strength  |  Endurance  |  Agility  |  Speed work  |  Cardio  |  Interval training

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$100/Trail Run or $400/month (unlimited Trail Run when added to your sessions)

$400/4 sessions

$700/8 sessions

$1000/month (unlimited classes) or $1400/month (unlimited classes + Trail runs)


* Personal Training Sessions available upon request


d.BeFit Trail Running Team
Program: January, 2024- April, 2024
Fee: 3,500$
Join a great community of trail runners, with great team spirit and motivation. Pick your distance, you will get a full training program, nutrition coaching, twice weekly trail runs and a free performance t-shirt when you sign up.

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