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Motivational Holiday Training

Christmas Holidays are always a busy time of the year, between work, family, parties and travelling. Some people find it challenging to keep a consistent training schedule as they are busier and more tired. To stop training for a few weeks, party, eat more, drink more could be a bit challenging once the holidays are over and races are coming up. Focus on setting some schedules and training goals you will be able to follow and sustain.

Holiday Training Strategies

Set microgoals: With regular training plans or schedule, usually they are set up as monthly plans, during the holidays break up your monthly plan, and set up a realistic program schedule weekly. Every Sunday, create a training plan for the week according to your weekly busy schedule, as some weeks will allow more open days for training. The key is to maintain your momentum by starting a clean slate each week, creating goals that will be reachable according to your weekly schedule.

Be accountable: To make sure you will be able to follow your weekly training plan, and stay motivated so you don’t give up or skip days just because you don’t feel like it, create some strategies. Set up your training goals on Strava, print it and post it on your fridge or at work, share it with family or friends. By setting up your goals and posting them will make it more challenging to skip the training and keep your more motivated.

Be social: If you find it easier to train when running with other people, try organizing some runs with friends, or join a running group, connect with other runners on Strava or social medias. Running with others can be a great inspiration to keep going.

Cross-train: According to your busy schedule, you can add some cross-training workouts, it can be easier to mix it up with your running schedule, perform some workouts at home, or at the gym if you are travelling. Find different ways to train to keep your body very active. By performing workouts your body isn’t used to, you will burn more calories and develop new skills and strengthen some muscles differently.

Add some shorter, higher intensity workouts: With a busy schedule, adding some shorter and more intense training sessions will maintain your fitness level, and keep you motivated. By adding one or two shorter, higher intensity workouts per week will boost your metabolism, maintain your fitness level during the holidays, make it different and fun.

Enjoy the outdoors: Regardless of the weather, depending on where you are or travelling to, make sure you train outside once or twice per week. Running in cold weather, hot or humid or ideal weather can all have many health and mental benefits. Running outdoors can boost your mood and break the feeling of isolation, especially for office workers/runners.

To keep you going during the holidays, you will be surprised how little you need to change to maintain your motivation to move. Set yourself up for reaching your goals by organizing your training schedule weekly, keeping things fun and fresh.

Train Well, Eat Well, Feel Great!


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