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Benefits of Solo Runs

When we have access to nice running groups, we should really appreciate being part of a nice motivating social running team. But sometimes, due to different issues, we have to run on our own. Some runners who never have time on their own or who are dealing with some life stress, really enjoy running on their own. Training with a group has many benefits; support, friendly competition, finding a good pacer to keep us going, and running feeling positive and happy. Running on our own, training solo also has some great benefits.

Why Should We Also Do Some Solo Runs

We all know that running has many benefits, but there are some that will be even more efficient when running on your own.

1. Injury Reduction

No one pushing you, following your own pace will allow you to enjoy your easy run on your training schedule, or when your body is telling you to slow down to avoid any injury. Sometimes, runners who join running groups often feel the pressure to push during every run, which can cause some injuries. So, to combine group runs and solo runs can have more benefits for some runners.

2. Following Internal Pacing

Running solo means we can push the pace on days we are feeling stronger, instead of only following our plan. While running solo, we don’t have to worry about leaving runners behind while enjoying some farklets or tempo runs. Running on our own, allows us to get in tune with our body, letting it be our pacing guide. If we run with faster runners we might tend to push too hard, if we run with slower runners we might feel more sluggish or guilty about leaving them behind. To listen to our body pace is very important to protect our body from injuries and even health issues. On the days we feel good and strong we can push, on the days that we feel tired and weak, we should follow a comfortable easy pace.

3. Increasing Mental Strength

Running in groups allows us to rely on others for mental boost when we feel fatigue or muscle pain. Running solo helps us to develop tactics that will increase our mental strength and allow us to handle highs and lows of training. This mental strength training is so helpful for a race day or long-distance runs and races.

4. Stick to your Goals

Being part of a running group or running with a friend, if the group or partner has to cancel the run, adding your solo run to the planned schedule will provide your training goal and rewards. Motivating yourself to go out for your run when it is canceled or your schedule changed, will be very helpful.

5. Confidence Build Up

When we are not running in a group and not running feeling worried about keeping up or holding back other runners, we can really focus on letting our body run according to its pace. It also helps build up our confidence, each time we finish a solo run, we get a bit more confident in our own abilities because no other runners helped us get through a tough run or help us enjoy a nice run. We did it on our own. Some runners who only train and run in a group, on race day they tend to find it very challenging to motivate and push themselves.

6. Improving Our Running Form

When running in a group or with a friend, it’s hard to focus on improving or balancing our running form and breathing techniques. We either spend time chatting or pushing hard, so no focus on any techniques. Solo runs allow us to focus on activating the proper muscles and making sure we breathe properly to support our body strength and energy level.

7. Follow Our Routine

Solo runs allow us to take time and follow our regular routine for dynamic warm ups, post-run stretching or even running drills. No one is waiting for us, so we have access to our own schedule.

8. Creativity Boost

Often, running solo we can do a lot of good thinking and planning while we run. It’s a great time to visualize our goals, think about our dreams and create some nice plans. It is good training to get used to running on our own, enjoy being with ourselves. Having some time alone is so beneficial to our mental health, and to gather our thoughts.

9. Relaxation

Running on our own is a great way to relieve some stress. Some days we don’t have to think, we can just focus on one foot in front of the other, enjoy being outdoors, or listen to our favorite songs and enjoy some private time.

Combining group runs and solo runs is the best training plan with the healthiest, most motivating, and helpful benefits.

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