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Considering the time and effort we dedicate to training and focusing on our running form, it’s hard to believe that something as simple as a smile could have that much benefits on our performance. Studies have shown that when we boost our run with a smile, we feel that our energy level and positivity is much better, so when we smile and when we run we feel less fatigue. Especially, during more long-distance runs, to smile has so many benefits to support our overall strength and energy. When I run long-distance races, I always remind and force myself to smile, and within a few seconds I start feeling better. That’s why I always recommend to smile when we run.

Why Runners Should Smile More

Researchers did some testing and asked a group of 24 runners and complete four- 6 minute running blocks on a treadmill while smiling or frowning. The study, found that runners who smiled used less oxygen, ran more economically and had a lower perceived rate of exertion than those who frowned.

How To Relax Your Jaw When You’re Running

This little trick becomes especially useful for runners who need to conserve as much energy as possible over the course of a long-distance run. Runners tend to tense up when holding higher paces, specifically by tightening their jaw, which can prevent the runner from benefiting from a nice, relaxed and open air in the lungs. As a runner, if we feel super stiff, we will get tired a lot quicker. To actually smile when we run is the key because it brings on a positive mentality, wellness positivity and good energy. And running is as much a mental game as it is a physical one.

Those are just the general benefits of smiling. Smiling also has been found to improve athletic performance in several ways. First, research has reported that smiling and frowning influence our affective states (our mood) and our perceived effort.

Smiling produced lower oxygen consumption and energy increase among runners than when they frowned. On the other hand, frowning, a not-uncommon reaction to exertion, appeared to increase perceived effort, suggesting that frowning may actually hurt our efforts.

Smiling shouldn’t just be something we do only when we’re feeling good. Instead, we should use it as a mental tool to make us feel good and to improve our training and race performances.

Smiling while running ultimately provides the best workout results. According to some research, the results show that smiling helped the runners perform better by reducing tension in the muscles throughout their bodies.

  • Smiling triggers the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

  • Smiling has been found to reduce perceived effort and exertion and muscle pain.

  • You can integrate smiling into endurance-sport training and racing.

How To Motivate Yourself To Smile When Running

1. If you run with friends of in running groups, that will give you access to friendly contacts to make you smile many times.

2. If you run on the trail, that is a super positive and motivating environment, you can smile when you pass some nice animals, or some nice nature places you pass and like.

Smile When You Run, Feel More Happy, Motivated, More Energy, More Strength, Better Runs And Races!


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