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5 Benefits Of Running In A Group

Running is one of the best ways to stay physically and mentally fit. But most runners find it challenging to run alone. To make our run more fun and efficient, by running in a group we can see many running and health benefits over time. Especially now with the Covid-19 rules, we should appreciate that the social group gathering limit has been raised.

1. Continuous Support and Motivation

Running can be challenging and hard, especially when we have a specific fitness goal we are working towards. Unfortunately, stress from our daily lives can cause us to lose some motivation for exercise. This has particularly been the case since our life has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, where one study found that stress and anxiety was found to ruin our exercise motivation.

Running in a group can help us fight this lack of motivation. Each runner of the group can help to support one another during the run, giving everyone the continuous motivation all the way to the end of the run.

2. Push Each Other To Do Better

Not only does running in a group help us to simply survive and perform the whole run, but it can also help us to become a better runner. Running as a team, we are committed to running at the same pace as the other runners. This can push us to increase our performance, increase our pace, and perhaps even set a new personal best.

3. Much Safer Run

Running alone can be a bit risky, especially if we run alone at night or on the trail. Running in a group can be a lot safer than running alone, as we will have some runners who can protect us if anything scary happens. Especially, if we get injured, or are not feeling well, or even not motivated, to run with friends or a running group can protect us.

4. You’ll Never Be Bored

Many people like to run with their headphones on, blasting a playlist of their favourite motivational songs. However, even listening to music can be quite easy to get bored. Instead of letting our run drag on and on, we can try chatting with our friends as we go, we will never get bored.

We might also be more likely to switch up our running routes, making our run more interesting. We can ask our running mates for ideas on new routes and agree to try a new one together every week to switch it up, to make it more exciting.

5. Sense of Community

It is always rewarding to spend time with people who have the same interests, and the same outlook on life. As we run with a group, or running friends, we will foster a sense of community, building a network of peers that we know will cheer us on even in the most challenging runs.

Overall, running in a group can transform the way we approach exercise, helping us to stay motivated, push our limits, and stay safe, fit, healthy and super happy.

Run With Some Nice Runners, Enjoy Every Run, Feel More Stronger, Fit, And Mentally Positive!


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