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Why Should Runners Or Athletes Wear Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses when running is such a good version to protect our eyes, view and make our run easier when running in bright sun. Also, we will feel less stress and see better.

Wearing the right pair of sunglasses, they won’t slip, they won’t bounce, and they’ll protect our eyes from all kinds of damage that we might not have to worry about, but certainly should wear sunglasses in a long run and on the trail.

Unfortunately, there is some side effects of not running with sunglasses, what we need to focus on is a good pair to make sure we’re getting the right UV eye protection, and brands that will keep our vision safe. We should focus on choosing the type of sunglasses according to our head size, our type of face and our eyes.

The big role of sunglasses is ultraviolet light protection. The majority of UV light is absorbed by the cornea (the clear outer layer at the front of the eye), but with significant amounts of exposure, that radiation will eventually get through the cornea and cause damage to the inner structures of the eye.

Runners who don’t wear UV eye protection can eventually develop growths on the clear covering over the white part of the eye called pinguecula and pterygium. A pinguecula is a yellowish, raised deposit of protein, fat, or calcium. A pterygium is a growth of fleshy tissue that may start as a pinguecula. A pterygium can affect our vision, and may result in surgery.

Even if we’re running in the snow or near water, we can also develop a form of photokeratitis, a painful, temporary eye condition caused by exposure to UV reflections off of snow, ice, sand, or water. Wearing UV eye protection isn’t just a necessity in the bright lights of summer, but straight through winter as well.

When we’re running on dusty trails or the wind is whipping trash across the road, the slightest piece of dust or dirt, a millimetre or even less, can cause an erosion which can lead to an eye infection, dust, and allergens in the air can also cause dry, itchy eyes, which can take the focus off our run and slow us down.

The Most Important Features To Look For In Sunglasses

The top selling point in a pair of sunglasses is their UV protection. We should look for lenses that block 100 percent of UV light.

There are two types of UV light to be concerned about: UVA, which is associated with skin aging, and UVB, which is associated with skin burning. UV 400-protected sunglasses block both.

A darker lens tint doesn’t necessarily offer better protection. How dark our sunglasses are is a matter of personal preference. Certain tints can actually improve contrast in specific conditions, but the colour or shade doesn’t have any effect on UV protection, we can find clear lenses with UV 400.

Runners are really going to want to actually look for shield or wrap-style sunglasses. Most of them are formed to the face and wrap around to the side, typically with oversized lenses, which are not only going to keep the UV out of the eyes, but keep it off the lids and skin, and feel more comfortable.

What To Know About Technology Of Running Sunglasses

The brands with good high-quality design, not only makes it comfortable, but also limits blind spots and offers more of that eye and skin protection..

We know that different colour curves and different lens tints relax the mind. If we’re looking at something through a blue lens compared to a red lens, it sends different signals to the brain and it affects our central nervous system in different ways.

Not every runner needs every single feature in the most expensive lenses, so we should focus on the most comfortable brands according to our brain and eyes. But we need to make sure any pair we buy has that UV 400 eye protection.

Top Favourite Running Sunglasses


The Bottom Line On Running With Sunglasses

At the end of the day, everyone wants to look good in their sunglasses. And we can do that while protecting our eye. The key is just making sure we actually wear our glasses every time we head out for a run, so we can sidestep any vision or other eye issues that can come from too much UV exposure.

Wear Nice And Comfortable Sunglasses When Running Or Cycling, Feel Better, Stronger And Happier!

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