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The Importance of Vitamin "N" (Nature)

The Importance of Vitamin “N” (Nature)

Runners have to appreciate the benefits of running in nature. Vitamin “N” is in nature, known as nature therapy. It is one of the most valuable health resource, which can be one of the best remedy for both physical and mental issues. Trail running or running on the road in beautiful areas has many more health benefits than running indoors. Exercising or training outdoors is also more motivating and efficient than indoors. Some runners don’t feel comfortable training outdoors on their own, find a nice running or training group, some friends and get outside to get one of the best vitamin our body needs! There is no greater deficiency than vitamin ”N” in today’s modern lifestyle, driving not walking, working indoors with few windows and views, sitting at the working desk for hours, being stuck to computers and screens all day. This type of lifestyle was not meant for human beings, it doesn’t provide any relaxation, soothing, and stress relief. To include a few outdoor runs weekly will make a huge difference in our overall health.

Benefits of Vitamin N

Soothing: Nature is one of the most soothing therapy. Being outdoors in nature where you can find calmness, beautiful scenery and solace that you can’t find anywhere else. Nature has many healing benefits; the sun, the warmth, the cool nice air, the moon, and the great energy in the soil, water, trees, and plants. Nature settings such as the forests, lakes, streams, mountains, beaches and gardens are full of plant life and rich in negative ions that have been known to boost mood, improve memory, improve concentration, reduce stress, switch from negative emotions to positive emotions and enhance our energy naturally. Nature can help make our negative or stress issues feel not as bad, it makes us feel more grounded.

Healing: Running in nature is health promoting. It has been shown to lower concentration of cortisol, blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones, nature even helps coping with the pain. Running outdoors may not be as harmful physically and mentally as running indoors. When we are absorbed by nature’s beautiful scenery and calmness, it can help us get distracted from our pain and discomfort. We can recover more quickly from a headache or mental fatigue when we run outdoors. Running outdoors also encourages more movement, we can be more physically active with other sports as well, swimming, hiking, skiing, cycling. You can get many benefits from the vitamin N; improves our physical health, energizes us, increases our immunity, helps us sleep better and helps us recover from illness more quickly. It helps us feel healthy and alive!

Stabilizes our Senses: We should make sure that we take some time to be out in nature regularly, no matter what the season or weather is. The views, the sounds, and the smells of nature are deeply nourishing. Running outdoors, sometimes we need to stop and take a moment to feel the air, soak up the sun or taste the rain, reach out to the trees or flowers and feel all the energy beneath us.

Find a way to have access to Vitamin N- Nature: When we don’t have time to go in nature, we can do simple things we would do indoors and do it outside; eat outdoors, have a coffee outside, meditate on your terrace, read outside. Take a moment every day to see, hear and smell the beauty of nature. Even going for a short walk will help to savour the moment, be mindful, breathe in deeply to help with relaxation. There is nothing more gratifying than being out in nature.

Enjoy Nature, Feel Well, Feel Happy!


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