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Benefits Of Running Mantras

Running mantras can be so helpful to keep us running. Mantras for beginners to experienced runners will help increase our enjoyment, enhance our performance, and keep us going when it gets tough, or we miss some nice positivity.

What is a Running Mantra?

A running mantra is simply a phrase or word that we repeat mentally while we are running in order to achieve a certain goal. We have to focus and think of a Mantra that will motivate our brain, make us feel more positive and happy. Different Mantras will help and support different type of runners. The mantra is like a vehicle that carries us on, when we would have wanted to stop.

When running on the road, we can think of certain type of Mantras “Lifelong Runner.” We can think of being a Lifelong Runner, as long as we have legs that can run or jog, we can keep moving, especially when we feel a bit of an anxious and stressful mind. Or we can just use Mantras such as:

  • “I Feel Good, Keep Going”

  • “You are a Strong Runner, Keep Running Strong”

  • “I Feel So Happy When I Run, I Should Appreciate Being a Great Runner”

  • “Enjoy Being Outdoors, Keep Going and Smile”

When running on the trail, we can think of more Nature Mantras, “Enjoy This Amazing Beautiful Nature”, “Running In Nature Will Help Me Feel So Much Better And Happier”, “Trail Running Will Make Me And My Brain Feel So Much More Positive”, “I Should Appreciate Being Able To Run in Such a Great Trail”

Mantras for Runners

Try these mantras on for size. Modify them. Create your own. Let them carry you forward to whatever your goal may be. Let your running or life goals be the place from which your mantra springs.

Beginning Runner Mantras

  1. Counting To a Certain Number. Repeat. Repeat.

  2. I am a Lifelong Runner.

  3. I Can Do This.

  4. I Am a Runner.

  5. Born to Run.

Running Mantras for Tough Times

  1. I Have Everything I Need To Complete This.

  2. The Energy Is Here. I Release It To Use it.

  3. I Am Strong.

  4. Strong! Good Energy! Relaxed! (Repeat)

  5. All I Have to Do is manage This Moment.

Running Mantras for Racing

  1. Race My Pace.

  2. Stay On a Strong Pace.

  3. Calm, Focused, Strong, Steady Pace.

  4. I Run My Own Race.

  5. I Can Finish As One Of The Top Runners.

Running Mantras for Slow Days

  1. Completing Is Succeeding.

  2. I Only Need to Finish. No Need For Speed.

  3. All Kilometres Are Good Distance.

  4. What I Can Do Is Always Good Enough.

  5. It is Just 1km 5 X Times. (Insert Your Own Distance)

If we keep motivating ourselves, providing so much more positivity will not only keep us being great runners, healthier, more fit and happy, but also it will support our daily life. It will increase our positivity and energy for our daily life schedule, which can be very challenging if we feel more negative and lack of positivity. Our normal life will feel more pleasant, joyful and peaceful.

Run With Nice Running Mantras, Feel Better While Running, Enjoy a Cheerful Run and Daily Life!


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