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Post-Run Mobility Exercises Versus Stretches

After every run, we need to perform some stretches to loosen up the leg muscles and hips to prevent them from getting sore and tight or even prevent some injuries. The difficulty to stretch after a run is not easy for many runners, whether they feel too much muscle tightness or soreness, or no time to stretch post-run. To skip post-run stretching is very common. Especially after long-distance runs or intense speedwork, stretching right after the run can be challenging. But to perform these easy quick mobility exercises post-run, and do some good stretching later in the day will prevent muscle soreness or injuries. And even after running Ultra Marathons, we need to release our super tight and sore muscles after the run.

So what can you do instead to get the same benefit in less time: Post-Run Mobility short exercises.

Even to perform some 20 secs. post-run mobility exercises will provide some increase in mobility and stretching to release the muscle tightness and soreness to jumpstart recovery and save your legs for the next run. A good recommendation for post-run recovery is after a run, we need to focus on muscle release and recovery, hydration, nutrition, and good quality sleep at night.

6 Post-Run Mobility Exercises- 20 secs each

1. Hamstrings & Glutes- Walk forward and lift one knee. Put your hand in front of your knee and pull up your knee towards you. Alternate side as you move forward, and keep the toes up (dorsiflexed).

2. Quads- Walk forward, lift your knee up in front of you and bring it back behind you. When your foot is behind, put your same-side hand on top of your foot and pull it up to get a good quad stretch, and keep your foot dorsiflexed.

3. Glutes & Hip Flexors- Walk forward, lift one knee. Move your foot up towards the opposite side of your body (figure 4). Put the same side hand in front of your knee, and the opposite side hand around your shin, pull up towards you.

4. Hamstrings- Walk forward, keep your hands in front of you. Within each step, bring your entire leg up, until your foot touches your hands. Alternate each leg.

5. Hip Swing Sideways- Face a wall or pole, and hold with your hands. Swing one leg side to side, pointing the toe up on each side.

6. Hip Swing Forward- Hold a pole or a wall sideways. Whichever foot is between you and the wall or pole, swing that leg forward and backward. Alternate side after 20 secs.

Post-Run Mobility Exercises Video:

To perform these mobility exercises post-run listen to your body and focus on the range of motion that is not too intense but that you feel some good stretch. Later in the day, try to perform some good stretches for 30-60secs each to get some good release of muscle tightness.

Perform Post-Run Mobility, Feel Good Muscle Recovery, Enjoy Great Runs!


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