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Overnight Oats for Runners- Full of Nutrients

Busy weekday mornings call for simple breakfasts that can be made in advance, and overnight oats definitely provide a great breakfast, or recovery meal. They’re perfect for early mornings when you’re rushing to go to work or need to refuel after a morning session. Plus, they offer many flavour combinations so even very strict eaters, they can find an option they like.

You start with fibre-rich oats, soak them in your favourite milk, then balance it out with protein and healthy fat, and healthy toppings to create a breakfast that powers your day.

Overnight oat breakfasts can keep you full all morning long.

5 Reasons to Eat Overnight Oats

1. Oats Are Full Of Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

The popularity of overnight oats is growing. Everyone knows oatmeal is a nutritious dish to add to your diet, but overnight oats hold a special appeal and may offer even more benefits than the cooked version. Oats are loaded with good nutrients like fibre, protein, magnesium, potassium, and Omega 3’s fatty acids, among other things. Also, oats don’t contain added sugar, if you read the labels and avoid certain instant varieties. They also can be eaten different ways, making them one versatile power food.

Oats are full of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. Half a cup (78 grams) of dry oats contains:

  • Manganese: 191% of the RDI

  • Phosphorus: 41% of the RDI

  • Magnesium: 34% of the RDI

  • Copper: 24% of the RDI

  • Iron: 20% of the RDI

  • Zinc: 20% of the RDI

  • Folate: 11% of the RDI

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin): 39% of the RDI

  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid): 10% of the RDI

2. Overnight Oats Are Super Healthy, And Super Easy To Cook

Overnight oats are raw oats that have been soaked overnight in liquid: popular choices include almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, or Greek yogurt. The oats absorb the liquid during the night, softening them in the same way cooking them softens them, except without the work. You can soak pretty much any variety of oats, although quick cook or rolled oats are often preferred because they absorb the liquid faster than steel cut oats.

3. Overnight Oats Increase Digestibility

When you soak oats overnight, it’s almost like you’re cooking them, but the process is much longer and slower, and it’s done without the damaging effects of heat. Soaking helps the starches break down and reduces the natural phytic acid, which helps your body use the oats’ nutrients much more efficiently. This makes them easier to digest than oats that have been cooked, which is great for everyone, but is especially helpful for people with gluten sensitivities. Even oats that are gluten free aren’t always easy to digest, but overnight oats are much easier for people with sensitivity.

4. Overnight Oats Contain Increased Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is found in all foods that contain starch, but it appears to be present at higher levels with cooled starchy foods instead of cooked ones. Resistance starch is a natural carb and helps to improve digestion, aid in weight loss, increase feelings of fullness, and decrease dangerous insulin spikes associated with eating hot starchy foods. Oats are a good type of carbs for runners, healthy, easy to digest and energy filling.

You can use almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, Greek yogurt or even regular dairy milk if you want. Sweeteners can be anything from honey or stevia to maple syrup and other natural ones like date paste, depending on your preference. Then you can add things like chia seeds, flaxseed, nuts and nut butters, fresh fruit, dried fruit, berries, and even raw cacao nibs, protein powder, or Moringa or maca powder. Coconut oil can be a great addition as well and add some energy-giving healthy fat.

5. Overnight Oats Are Time Savers

Prepping your overnight oats before bed probably takes less than 5 minutes, and when you wake up in the morning, they are ready. You can prep all your add-ins the night before as well and have them ready to stir in, or bag them up to take with you. Overnight oats are so tasty. It’s like dessert in a jar, only it’s good for you and serves as a full meal in itself, and it contains all the nutrients runners need for energy and recovery, or you can save it for later and really eat it like a dessert:)

Overnight oat recipes with protein will help to keep you full all morning long, help your muscle to recover and stabilize your hunger.

In some recent news, a 105 year old American lady, who is healthy with good energy has been eating oats with dates (high fiber for digestive system), walnuts (protein and Omega 3’s to support brain health and prevent heart disease) full of antioxidant, healthy fat, and fresh berries.

Eat Oats, Get all your Nutrients, Feel Great & Run Strong!

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