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CNY 2023


Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, mood and more, it’s even good for our knees and lower back.

As runners we should realize how it can change our life to much better health and life stan. It can improve so many aspects, such as body, brain mindfulness health. These are the amazing benefits of running.


  1. Running adds years to our life and life to our years- feeling younger and better.

  2. Running helps us sleep better.

  3. Running can improve our knees, core, legs and back health.

  4. Running helps us lose some weight and keep it off, and body fat, even as we get older.

  5. Running improves our immune system.

  6. Running improves cognitive function, and reduces cognitive decline and Alzheimer.

  7. Running reduces risk of many cancer versions.

  8. Running improves mental health, and reduces depression.

  9. Running improves glucose regulation, and lowers risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes disease.

  10. Running lowers our blood pressure.

  11. Running strengthens our bones and muscles.

  12. Running improves our cardiovascular health.

  13. Running makes our lungs better and healthier.

  14. Running makes us feel more confident about ourself.

  15. Running supports our physical and mental health.

To get and feel all these benefits of running, we don’t have to run long distances, even running shorter distances if our body prefer, as long as we run 5K or longer distance 3-6 times/week will support are overall health and life extension.

We have to focus doing some good pre-run dynamic warm-ups, and post-runs stretches and some foam rolling and Yoga stretches 3 times/week or more if our body needs it and feels better.

And to focus on healthy nutrition, natural foods, healthy carbs and enough protein daily and good post-run refueling will also support our good health.

Focus On Weekly Nice Runs, Keep Running, Feel Better Physical & Mental Health, More Positivity and Happiness!


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