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How to Turn Running Into a Habit

For any runners, beginners, long time runners, to focus on switching our runs into a habit will help make it easier, not as stressful to become a regular runner. To follow a regular running schedule, will help us stay healthier, happier more fit and live longer.

To perform weekly runs according to our schedule and running plans, will help, support our bone density and health, muscle strength, heart health and positive mental health.

6 Steps to Turn Running Into a Habit

1. If you’re a Beginner Start Small or Shorter Distance

2. Plan Your Running Schedule and Training

3. Make it a Priority Like an Urgent Work Plan

4. Get Your Running Gear Prepared the Night Before

5. Make it a Regular Schedule According to Your Work and Life Schedule

6. Make it Fun Focus on Doing Fun Runs Not Focusing Only on Speed or Pace

To get going and keep running, schedule at least five workouts per week:

  • Three runs and

  • Two cross-training routines- Cycling, swimming, strength training or yoga.

Once we decide on the building blocks of our running plan, we should write it down, or post it where we can see it and have access to it on a regular basis.

Just make sure to be specific about each detail:

  • Running distance

  • Running time

  • Running duration

  • Type of a run

  • Walk/run ratio (for the complete beginner)

  • Training pace

  • Running route

  • Prepare in advance your running shoes, clothes, water bottle, and running backpack, preferably the night before. This helps eliminate any excuse to skip the run.

Things to Track

Keep tabs on your achievement and everyday each exercise details in a workout journal, or use training apps like Strava, watches like Garmin, Coros, Fitbit.

These may include:

  • Running workouts

  • Running distance

  • Heart rate

  • Running goals

  • Running times

  • Kilometres on a running shoe

  • Running performance

  • Cross training activities

  • Weight

  • Body measures

  • Before and after pictures

  • Meals

  • Weather

  • Sleep patterns

  • Weekly mileage

  • Calorie intake

  • Aches and pains

Focus On Nice Running Habits, Feel Good, Feel Better, Enjoy Every Run For Life!


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