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If you’re not feeling happy when  running, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Most runners have had those moments when they’ve really disliked running and their running happiness was really starting to fade.


If you want to run, but are having trouble finding a sweet spot for the run, check out these tips on how to love running more. While you may not enjoy it at first, stick with running and you’ll discover you running highs and nice finish lines in the future.


Discover what you don’t like about running.


Some people automatically say that they dislike running, without giving much thought to exactly what they don’t like about it. Does it feel too hard? Do you get bored? Do you feel self-conscious when you’re running? Consider the reasons why you may have hated running in the past and start planning steps to take that will address those issues.


1.     Dress Like a Runner


If you don’t feel like a runner quite yet or you feel self-conscious when you’re out running, then just force yourself until you make it. You’ll feel more motivated to run and less out of place when you’re outside running on the road or the trail, or even on the treadmill. Getting a few running gears that make you feel sporty and confident can make all the difference to feel better when running.


2.        Run Slowly


One of the most common reasons why some runners dislike running or give up on the sport is because they’re running too fast and it feels really uncomfortable.


When you’re first getting started with running, or running after injuries healing, you really should be running at an easy nice pace. If you’re feeling shortness of breath, you’re going too fast. And even when training for long-distance runs, nice comfortable pace is a good recommendation to prevent overuse injuries.


3.        Mix It Up


Running the same route and distance non-stop can cause running boredom. To prevent the boredom, to run different road routes, or trail run, listening to music, doing fun interval workouts, will make you feel more motivated. And to explore new running routes, there are so many ways to break up the boredom.


4.        Breathe Properly


Some runners give up on running because they can’t get into a rhythm, don’t feel relaxed, and get out of breath. And if you’re not breathing well or enough,  you may get an annoying side stitch.


When running, you should breathe in through your mouth and nose, and out through your mouth. Focus on taking deep belly breath. You should feel your abdomen expanding, rather than your upper chest. If your breathing feels out of control, slow down or take a walk break.


5.        Strength Train


So many people who are constantly performing strength/core exercises, toning their muscles has increased their enjoyment of running. Developing better core and legs strength has made running easier for them.


Many running injuries, especially knee and hip-related problems, develop because of muscle weaknesses or imbalances, so doing regular strength training can help make you more injury-resistant. We should focus on some good muscle, core, HIIT exercises 3 times/week to strengthen our whole body and running muscles.

6.        Run in the Morning

If we are a regular morning person, we should be running in the morning to feel better. The peacefulness of the early hours may make us appreciate and enjoy running more. We may also find that we really like the feeling of accomplishment so early in the day.

7.        Run with Other Runners


Running with a group or even just one other runner is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated to keep running. You’ll focus more on the enjoyment you get from the social interaction, and hopefully forget that you’re not in love with running.

Talking to other runners may help you discover positive aspects about running that will motivate you to continue. Many runners find that being a part of a running group also helps them feel more connected to running, and really helps to motivate to run stronger, faster and much better.


8.        Celebrate Progress Post-Run


Nice treats for our running progress will most likely improve our motivation and help us support running more. Plan to get a nice coffee (any treat that you love) after a long run. Get yourself some new running gear after you’ve reached a major goal, or treat yourself to a nice massage.

Focus On Good Running Tips To Feel More Positive, Happiness, Better Running Form, Speed And Distance, So You Will Always Love Your Nice Runs!


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