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Health Benefits of Running Every Day

You must have heard that physical health is as important as mental health. Most people often feel a lot of pressure that increases our level of stress. From a busy work schedule, and stressful work or life issues, it will affect our body and mental health. However, engaging in regular physical activities is a great option to get rid of burnout.

Running every day will help us to relax. It is one of the best exercises since it is free and readily available for anyone. Although it may seem challenging for new runners, they will enjoy it as they get used to it. We don’t need to always spend hours running, it is still very efficient to begin with as low as 30 minutes a day and gradually increase the distance and duration as we get used to it. Running 30 minutes or more has so many health benefits.

The Top 5 Benefits of Running Every Day

1. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the advantages of running every day is that it will reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Since running increases our activeness, it helps increasing the contractions of the heart. Research has proved that individuals who run regularly reduce their risk of getting heart diseases by over 35 percent. Running every day will prevent blood clots in our blood vessels. Most importantly, it will help us to manage cholesterol levels, blood flow, and blood pressure, and providing a healthy lifestyle. Running for 30 minutes or more several times a week reduces the “bad” cholesterol levels, while increasing the good cholesterol.

2. Creates Positive Moods

Another great benefit of running is that we will improve our mood. Being active in physical exercises helps our body to release important hormones such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, which are responsible for making us happy and improving our moods. Going through some stressful life is sometimes challenging and would expose us to much more stress. Consequently, our work and life performance may decline, hindering us from achieving our long-term work or life goals. Therefore, we should free up some time for running to improve our moods.

3. Strengthen Your Brain

As human beings, we need to improve our brain health and memory. Through consistent running, our brain will get sufficient oxygen by increasing blood flow, making it healthy, and increasing our ability to retain smartness and information. Running a few kilometres a day will allow our body to release the brain-derived protein in the body, which increases the ability to make decisions, improve learning, and increase thinking.

4. Boost Your Energy Levels

Another important benefit of running and engaging in physical activities is increased energy levels. Through constant running, whether morning or evening, we will boost our energy levels to handle all the work or other activities we need to accomplish throughout the day. Increased physical exercise will help us to reduce fatigue, and increasing our work and lifestyle performance. We should however be cautious not to overtrain since it might have opposite outcomes. We should have adequate recovery time and consume the right nutrition and diet to ensure that we refuel properly and get positive outcomes. If we experience poor quality sleep, reduced performance, chronic fatigue, and loss of appetite, it must be caused by overtraining.

5. Strengthen Bones, Muscles, and Joints

Running will help us improve the functionality of different body parts. From muscles to body joints, running will help reduce the risk of strains and injuries. The busy lifestyle of many human beings, may pose negative health outcomes to our muscles and joints. Making running our routine will help us in reducing strains and injuries.

What Time Provides the Most Benefits for Runners

Having agreed that running is the best physical activity for most active people, perhaps the question that remains answered is “When is the right time for me to run?” Most individuals who plan to start running every day or many days weekly, to produce a good running schedule according to our life, work schedule and body type will provide the most appropriate timing and motivation for running.

Benefits of Supporting Morning Runs

  • Helps us to start the day the right way. A morning run allows us to clear our mind and focus on what we will have do for the rest of the day. We will be able to make a mental list of the activities we will need to engage in to accomplish our projects for the day.

  • Helps us to burn extra calories throughout the day. If we focus is on weight loss, then morning runs are most appropriate for us. Running on an empty stomach in the morning helps us burn some fat and calories in addition to discouraging us from consuming unhealthy meals throughout the day. After morning runs we need to refuel properly with carbs and protein intake.

  • Improves our moods and fights mental issues such as depression. Running in the morning will help boosting our moods and mental positivity, and get rid of unwanted thoughts that could trigger mental health issues. Individuals who have had depression reveal that they feel the worst in the morning. By running in the morning, our body will release the necessary hormones to lift our moods. Running any other time will also help in boosting our mood. While running, we should enjoy being outdoor and in nature, the nice environment will increase our whole mental wellness.

Benefits of Afternoon or Night Runs

  • Running in the afternoon or evening, will also provide many body and mental benefits

  • Helps to build muscles even more than morning runs due to not running on an empty stomach

  • Can allow us to run for longer distance and timing according to our schedule

  • Reduces the chances of strain and injuries

  • Our body might feel more activated than running early in the morning according to our body type/timing

Perform Nice Daily Runs, Perform Different Distances and Pace Daily, Appreciate Every Run and Better Physical and Mental Health and Fitness!


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