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Health Benefits of Japanese Foot Patches for Toxins Removal

Benefits of Toxins Removal

Japanese Foot Patches help our body in toxin removal by using the power of reflexology to tap into acupuncture points on the soles of our feet. These foot patches offer a convenient and healthy way to clear our body of toxins, even helping us live a stronger and happier life. The detox patches also contain wood vinegar and negative ions which are beneficial for our body.

Furthermore, foot patches also help to improve our blood circulation. Poor blood circulation symptoms include cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, tiredness, heavy or aching legs. If we have any of those symptoms, the foot patch is believed to help with their relief.

When blood circulates through the foot, the patch uses these points to draw out toxins. As toxins are pushed away, they end up at the lower extremities such as the feet. Gravity is also aiding in bringing those heavy metals and toxins to our feet, the place where we put foot patches to extract the toxins from our body.

Also for very active runners or athletes, these nice efficient Japanese Foot Patches will help to release intense muscle soreness, foot pain, fatigue, even increase such great positive motivation for training or even running races.

Foot Sole Acupuncture Points

What to Expect After Wearing the Foot Patches

Once we wake up, we may find the patches yellow, brown or black. That is said to be the reaction of the pads eliminating the toxins through the night. The first few nights we use the Foot Patches, we should expect to see the patches dark. Once we use them continuously, they will start being of lighter colour, this may imply that our body is carrying fewer toxins.

All-Natural Eco-Friendly Body Toxin Removal Alternative Way to Improve Our Health

1. A Secret to Health and Happiness

If we feel tired, stressed, fatigued, we are not alone. Our lifestyles are extremely taxing on both our bodies and minds. Headaches, bad sleep and depression are the unfortunate hallmarks of fast-moving modern life. Active ingredients that are found in the Japanese Foot Patch are known for their ability to remove accumulating toxins from our body, which greatly improves our physical and mental health.

2. Traditional Medicine Gets Modern Upgrade

According to Japanese medical knowledge, human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 points found on the soles of the foot. The Japanese Foot Patches combine tried-and-true Asian medicinal techniques with a sleek and modern approach, to attach the herbal-remedy based patches to our feet and wait a few hours for the toxin removal.

3. All-Natural Approach

We should try to avoid some chemicals, using these foot patches is a better way to harmonize our lifestyle. Japanese Foot Patches are made from completely natural and eco-friendly herbs picked in the remote East-Asian mountain sides.


  • Brain Fog

  • Irritability

  • Skin Problems

  • Muscle Aches

  • Body Odour

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Exhaustion

  • Stubborn Weight

  • Constipation

Benefits of Removing Toxins From Our Body

  • Enhance Immunity

  • Eliminate Toxins and Cold

  • Relieve Pain

  • Reduce Back Pain, Foot Pain

  • Improve Body Circulation

  • Increase Sleep Quality

  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety

  • Clean Pores and Battle Acne

  • Vitalize Our Body with New Energy


Watson Hong Kong


Natural Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, Bamboo charcoal, Lute Leaf Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

They Will Feel So Amazing With So Many Health Benefits, Especially for Super Active Runners or People Exercising Regularly!


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