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Benefits of Virtual/Local Running Training Teams

With our constant busy life schedules, and the consequences from the current virus, to join a virtual running or training group can have many benefits to maintain or improve our fitness level, motivation, positivity and overall health. Traditional running clubs have been around for 100 years or more. But with our new generation lifestyle and side issues with the virus, meeting a running group at a specific day, time and location can be very challenging. To have access to a Virtual Training Team, will provide training plans, fitness and nutrition information, but also great friendship. All this we have access to, whenever we are available. And to combine both Virtual Training/Local Team gathering training is a great option.


1. Provides Flexibility- For many runners, to join a running team each week at the same time can’t be an option due to irregular working patterns, schedules, and busy family life schedule. To be a member of a Virtual Training Team provides great resources on the group’s App, such as training plans, strength training workouts, nutrition, mindfulness sessions. Having access anytime of the day, at our fingertips, we can plan our own training schedule.

2. Single App With Lots of Information- Being part of a Virtual/Local Training Team can help improve our running performance and endurance with all the information available online. We can have access to many training plans, running courses, strength workouts, healthy nutrition and recipes, mindfulness sessions available in one convenient place.

3. Keeps our Training Plan Interesting- When we train on our own, it can be challenging to keep things interesting and fresh. To follow the same routine can be a bit boring after a while, and can also affect our motivation to train properly. To be part of the Virtual/Local Training Team will provide interesting plans to complete every week. This will help to keep us on our toes, enjoy the physical benefits, and motivation.

4. Enjoy Some Challenges- To have access to weekly strength training workouts can help improve our running form, balance, strengthening our glutes, our core, upper body. These great workouts will help improve our running performance and make it fun.

5. Friendship and Motivation- One of the most important benefits of Virtual Training Teams is that being in contact with other runners can be a powerful motivator. If we need any information, we can contact runners or coaches on the Virtual Training Team, which can provide lots of support and boost our enthusiasm and enjoyment, we can really support each other and enjoy the friendship.

6. Access to Great Support- At some point in our life, as runners will get some problems, challenges or injuries, to be part of a Virtual/Local Training Team we can ask some questions and get some recommendations that we need.

Join a Virtual/Local Training Team, Feel Great, Run Strong, Be Happy!


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