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Benefits Of Sports Tape For Muscle Soreness Or Injuries

Sports tape is constructed of fine, breathable, stretchable material, usually cotton or a cotton blend. The elasticity does not overly restrict the area of application, and it is designed to provide just enough pressure and support to facilitate strength in the muscles and tissues.

This tape adheres to the skin with a medically approved, water and sweat-proof adhesive. It comes in latex-free and hypoallergenic varieties for people who may be allergic to latex. The tape can usually stay in place for three or four days even while showering or exercising.

Positive results are reported to be felt within 24 hours for many users of sports tape.

How Does sports Tape Work?

The sports taping method is based on the science of maintaining support to the body while allowing blood and other body fluids to move freely through and around the injured muscle. Sports tape stabilizes the injured area by lightly adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues the tape is wrapped around.

This tape allows the connective tissue surrounding the affected muscle or tendon to move along with the body. It gently allows the free flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to cleanse and heal the inflammation without the use of medications or surgery.

This special tape helps to improve circulation, support muscles, allow the internal injury to heal, and help prevent further muscle injury while still allowing motion.

Any soft-tissue injury or pain can benefit from sports taping, everyone from a young athlete with overused or injured muscles, to an elderly person with a degenerative joint disease.

Areas of the body where sports tape is commonly used include:

  • Hips

  • Back

  • Calves

  • Elbows

  • Hamstrings

  • Knees

  • Shins

  • Shoulders

  • Wrists

5 Benefits of Sports Taping

The goals of sports taping are to improve circulation, support muscles, foster healing, and help prevent injury or further injury.

Five of the top benefits of using this method are:

1. Decreased Pain: By gently applying pressure, sports tape helps to disrupt and dissipate pain.

2. Increased Circulation and Decreased Inflammation: The tape can help remove congestion while allowing efficient circulation of oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids. Circulation flushes out irritants, thereby reducing inflammation and chemical build up and fostering a speedy recovery.

3. Improved Posture and Muscle Support: Taping areas that turn away from correct posture can help gently support proper posture. Proper taping also enables weak muscles to function efficiently, reduces pain and fatigue, and protects against cramping, over-extension, and over-contraction.

4. Improved Athletic Performance: By supporting unstable joints and delivering slight pressure to weak/sleeping muscles, taping can prompt higher performance. Unlike other assistive devices that can lead to dependence on them for stability and support, sports tape trains the body to become independent and efficient.

5. Supported endogenous analgesic system: The tape enables the body’s own healing mechanisms to work in the recovery process. (Endogenous means internal, and analgesic means relieving pain.)


1. Trim or shave excess hair from the area to be applied.


2. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any lotions or oils on the skin. Allow the skin to completely dry.


3. If you need to make any cuts in the KT Tape(R) make sure you round the corners as this helps to avoid the tape from snagging on clothing.

4. Start by removing the backing paper from the centre. Do not touch the adhesive part of the tape, keep your fingers on backing paper instead.

5. When applying the anchor on the first strip, do not allow there to be any stretch on the last two inches on either end. This can cause the KT Tape® to detach and pull on the skin.

6. To ensure a good stretch, use your thumb band index finger to apply even pressure across the width of the KT Tape(R) strip.

7. Stretch the strip to the desired length and then release about 20% of the stretch before applying. Please see our instructional videos for specific stretch recommendations.

8. 8

8. For solid adhesion, rub vigorously for 10 seconds or more or use a hairdryer for additional heat. The heat activates the glue, allowing for a longer duration of use.

Appreciate How Sports Tape Will Reduce Muscle Pain, Soreness And Injuries, And Support Nice Runs!

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