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Hydration is important, whether we’re training for a Marathon, Ultra Marathon or going for a daily run on the road or short distance trail run.

But to comfortably carry water with us on our runs, we will need the right gear.

One option is to wear a hydration pack, although these are generally intended for Marathon or Ultra Runners who need a larger water storage capacity.

Another option is to choose a nice running belt with water bottles to support our runs with good hydration.

Designed to be worn around our waist, a running belt will allow us to carry our essentials gears while moving our arms freely.

What To Look For In A Running Belt With Water Bottles

A good running belt with water bottles should be as lightweight as possible and made from a breathable fabric to keep us cool and comfortable.

Before choosing, we should think about any other items we may want to bring on our runs, such as our phone or energy chews, and make sure that the belt can accommodate them.

Recommendations To Choose Your Running Belt

1. Fit

If we ever run with our phone in a pocket, we may have experienced the annoying feeling of something bouncing up and down with every stride.

So we will know how important it is to find a running belt that fits us a bit tight, but comfortably and won’t move around as we run.

Read the sizing instructions carefully for the belt you are interested in, or opt for an adjustable design that you can wear for a custom fit.

2. Bottle Placement

The fit of our belt isn’t the only thing that affects how much movement we will feel when running. Just where the bottle sits against our body matters as well.

In general, larger bottles should be positioned toward the centre of the front or back of the belt, as this will hold them closer to our body to stop them from bouncing.

Smaller, lighter bottles may be positioned on the sides.

Make sure that they are attached firmly to your belt, a poorly attached bottle is more likely to bounce and distract you from your run.

3. Water Storage Capacity

Think about the longest distance you’re likely to run, then ensure that the storage capacity of your belt is adequate.

For longer distances, you may prefer a belt that holds two bottles as this divides the weight so you feel more evenly balanced. But if you have access to water along the run, then you can carry only one bottle and refill when you need to.

4. Accessibility

It’s very important that you can access your water quickly mid-run.

So make sure that you can easily remove the water bottles from your belt when you need to, and that they are equally easy to reattach.

The 5 Best Running Belts With Water Bottles

1. Best Most Comfortable Belt- NAKED RUNNING BELT


3. Best for Keeping Water Cold- SALOMON ACTIVE BELT

4. Best Running Belt with Water Bottles for Longer Distances- ULTRASPIRE SPEEDGOAT 3.0

5. Best Running Belt with One Water Bottle- NATHAN PEAK HYDRATION PACK

Wearing The Best Running Belt With Water Bottles

A good running belt with water bottles will be comfortable to wear, won’t bounce when we run, and will make it easy to access our water when we need good hydration or to carry energy chews, gels or bars.

Wear Your Most Comfortable Running Belt, Appreciate Having Access To Water, Electrolytes, Energy Chews, Gels Or Bars, Enjoy Good Energy Runs!


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