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Benefits Of Outdoor Workouts

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Being in nature has many health and wellness benefits, including stress reduction. It makes sense to take advantage of good workout weather and exercise outside. But even exercising outdoors in some light rain is still very efficient. The best part about training outdoor and in open air, we will unlock some great benefits we can’t find inside a gym. To perform all different types of outdoor workouts are super motivating and provides many health benefits.




According to a study, some researchers were asking one group of people to walk outside and the other inside. It turns out, the outside group noted more fun and enthusiasm, and less fatigue than the indoor group.

Going outside in a beautiful park, playground or natural space helps us feel more relaxed and at ease, which helps make our workout feel easier. If the air is nice and fresh, it’ll feel like we can exercise harder and for longer. And when the weather is very hot, we should focus on performing the exercises without pushing super hard so we don’t crash. Same as running in intense heat, we should focus to keep on moving, not to affect our body’s energy level.



Natural sunlight is extremely important, but many people still do not get enough. Spending time in the sun is a great way to get vitamin D. Health studies even suggest it can help prevent obesity and diabetes and some other diseases.

Natural sunlight also keeps our biological rhythm set correctly and increases melatonin production at night for better sleep.




It’s nice to switch things up every once in a while. One of the best ways is to head to a park or outdoor workout area and do a nice workout using whatever we have access to.

Without the luxury of countless dumbbells and machines, we will have to get more creative and try all kinds of exercise variations to create the workout we want. And doing lots of bodyweight and core exercises helps us feel for our own body and the space around us and strengthen our whole body and core.


  • Wear workout clothes according to the actual temperature or humidity. As our body heats up, it will feel warmer than it really is so we should dress accordingly. If it’s very hot weather we should bring a towel, water and electrolytes. If it’s really cold, we should keep a jacket nearby to put on once we finish our training.

  • Wear sunscreen and a cap if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period in the sun.

  • Bring enough water as there might not be a water fountain available.

  • Try going to a community workout area in a park or playground as you will have access to lots of pull up bars, monkey bars, dip stations so you can perform more exercises..

  • If a gym has an outdoor area (backyard or balcony), you can even try doing some exercises there. Try grabbing some dumbbells or kettlebells for weighted exercises, carries or swings.

Outdoor Workouts

Bodyweight HIIT Workout 4

Bodyweight HIIT Workout 5

Bodyweight HIIT Workout 6

Strength Workout 1

Strength Workout 2

Strength Workout 3

Perform Some Nice Good Body Strength Workouts, Feel Great, Enjoy Some Great Runs!


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