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Benefits of Morning Runs

For some runners, early morning runs are enjoyable and not too challenging. For many runners getting up early and going for a run can be tough to get out of bed and go.

Early morning runs have many benefits:

  • You get your workout done in the start of the day, which will make the rest of the day more balanced and relaxed.

  • When you’re training for a race, mornings are the best time to get the training runs done. If you wait to train later in the day, you might have to skip the run due to a change of schedule, feeling more tired, or something happens and you’re not available to run.

  • Runners who train in the morning according to some research, 37% are more likely to stick to their running schedule or training plan.

7 Main Benefits of Morning Runs

1. Mental Boost- Research has shown that running first thing in the morning, can increase mental acuity for up to 10 hours post-run. This can be very helpful to kick start the day, to support a busy work and life schedule.

2. Appetite Control- For some runners, after early morning runs the appetite is more stable for the rest of the day, and they focus on more healthy foods. To start the day in a healthy way by training, it makes you want to continue feeling good, which is a positive mental shift.

3. Quality Sleep- A morning run increases the chances of better sleep by helping to regulate the hormones throughout the day. Adrenaline will be higher in the morning and naturally tapper off throughout the day, rather than being ignited late in the day or evening, which will affect the sleep quality.

4. Peaceful Morning- With busy life schedule, work, family, early morning runs offer a bit of quiet and peaceful time to mentally prepare for the day. Running through the sunrise is always so motivating and beautiful.

5. Consistency- Morning runners tend to be more consistent over time with their routine. Consistency is a Master when it comes to results. As the day progress, life gets in the way, we get too busy, feel exhausted or too stressed to go for our run.

6. Morning Runs Makes Us Feel Better- Running at the same time each day, signals our body to prepare in advance for the run. Our body and brain will get ready for our run while we’re sleeping.

7. Depression Defence- The endorphins during the run, might be one of the best way to reduce or avoid depression and handle life stress. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, to make us feel more positive and happier.

Guide to Sink Into Morning Runs (Pre-Plan Everything)

1. Plan the Details of Your Run- The first thing to do is to set up the details of your planned run; Distance, Speed, Course. Knowing all the details of your run, once you wake up it’s clear in your head, you’ve pre-establishes and visualized the run. When you wake up, just get up walk out the door and run with no doubts and nothing to think about.

2. Prepare All Your Gear the Night Before- This is a super helpful plan, you can get out of bed, into your gear, and out to run.

· Running shoes

· Socks

· Top

· Shorts

· Cap, visor or sunglasses

· Music device (optional)

· GPS device (optional)

· Mobile phone (if needed)

· Nutrition or snacks (if needed)

· Running pack (trail run)

· Hydration (if needed)

· House key

3. Set One Alarm- To make it more consistent set only one alarm, and allow yourself 15-20 minutes between waking up and going out to run.

4. Keep the Mobile Phone Not too Close- Most people use their mobile phone as an alarm, and tend to check their emails or social media, which can waste time and affect the running schedule. By keeping the phone farther, we need to get up to turn off the alarm, and we can start getting ready to go for our run.

5. Prepare your Fuel and Hydration the Night Before- Depending on the running distance and intensity, if you need some gels, snacks, chew chomps, and electrolytes, if it’s prepared you can grab and go. Same with a pre-run light snack.

6. Earlier Bed Time- Changing our sleeping habits to support an earlier morning run is essential to make sure we get 7-8 hours of good sleep.

7. Keep a Consistent Sleeping Habit- To make sure our body gradually adapts to a new schedule, we need to create and follow a consistent sleeping schedule, so our body wakes up feeling fresh. And we have to add some relaxing time before bedtime to reduce stress and improve the sleep quality.

8. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption- Caffeine makes us more alert and energetic, too much caffeine late in the day will affect our sleep pattern. To avoid caffeine by the afternoon is safer. Alcohol does the opposite, it makes us more tired and less alert, which makes it harder to get up in the morning. The night before a run, try to avoid or reduce alcohol intake. But to consume some caffeine before a run can help activate the body and brain to support a better running pace, energy and form!

Run in the Morning, Get Motivated, Enjoy a Nice Run & Nice Day !


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