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Most of us understand at a basic level that listening to music while running can pump us up and make us feel better. But there is actual science to back that up. So grab your wireless running headphones and lace up, it’s time to have more fun!

Top 7 Benefits of Listening to Music While Running

1. Helps Keep Your Brain Young

Running provides numerous benefits for the brain, including helping in the production of new brain cells, a process known as neurogenesis, which prevents age-related cognitive decline.

When we add music to our run, we’re effectively working out your brain as well. According to studies, listening to music can increase our mental alertness and memory, as well as jump-start our creativity.

2. Can Improve Endurance Levels

When we run while listening to music, it can actually help us run for longer periods of time. Listening to music while we run especially during road runs, it can boost our endurance by up to 15%.

We should think of music as a type of legal performance-enhancing drug

3. Reduces Stress

After a long, stressful day at work, a nice run can be the best way to clear our mind. Running while listening to music is a great way to reduce our stress even more.

Music affects the parts of our brain associated with emotions, which can help us relax. We will finish our run feeling rejuvenated, joyful, and ready to face whatever the rest of our day has in store for us.

4. Helps Reduce Pain

Music can even help reduce pain by helping reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can help us run faster and better.

5. Improves Overall Mood

We should focus and listen to songs that instantly makes us smile. The reason is that music enhances mood by increasing the release of dopamine in the brain.

6. Enhances Runner’s High

Speaking of mood, listening to music not only improves our mood but by triggering dopamine, a feel good hormone, it can even enhance the runner’s high we as runners are all too aware of! So next time we’re out on a run, we should use the our favourite songs to create a playlist of the best workout songs.

7. Helps With Solo Runs

Although we all enjoy running, we wouldn’t be telling the truth if we said that our long, solo runs for training didn’t occasionally become a little boring. When we can’t run with a friend or partner, it helps to have a playlist of our favourite songs ready to play to help time fly by, and make it more enjoyable.

Listen To Your Favourite Songs While Running, Feel More Positive And Happier, Enjoy Some Better Runs!


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