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Benefits of Creatine Supplements for Runners

Creatine is a substance produced in the body that helps produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is what the muscle uses for energy. Creatine is produced primarily by the liver. It can be found in protein-rich food such as meat and fish. Creatine is composed of amino acids which is why it plays a major role in the production of energy.

Creatine is an amino acid that supports the increase in work capacity and muscle power output. It also promotes lean body mass and supports cognitive function.

Creatine supports energy production and helps maintain and promote lean body mass, muscle endurance, power.

Benefits of Creatine

  • Strength

  • Strong power

  • Sprint ability

  • Muscle endurance

  • Resistance to fatigue

  • Muscle mass

  • Recovery

  • Brain performance

1. Improves Performance

-When Do We Need Creatine

Creatine supplies our muscles with immediate energy during a workout. If we are engaging in endurance runs, our body needs a lot of energy. Normally, a combination of carbs, fats, and oxygen are required to produce ATP.

At the beginning of a run, energy can be produced without oxygen but the longer we run, the more oxygen is required. With a higher oxygen requirement, our muscles may easily suffer from fatigue.

-Improve Workout Performance

Although researchers say that using creatine supplements right before a run does not provide the energy boost we expect, supplementing creatine can improve the quality of high-intensity workouts.

When used during training, we can increase our endurance, power, and energy which will help us run more efficiently in a race.

-Improve Running Performance

Because muscles are made up of protein, creatine can help increase our muscle mass. A bigger muscle mass allows us to do more reps, lift more weights, run longer distance, and generally become stronger. With longer training sessions, our muscles in our legs can reach their potential.

2. Creatine Improves Recovery Time

-Low Cell Damage

Multiple studies have shown that the interaction of creatine supplementation helps recovery after a workout. This is achieved by lowering the cell damage after workout which means our muscles can recover faster.

According to some research conducted in 2007, it was discovered that muscle damage and inflammation after running can be reduced by use of creatine supplements.

3. Creatine Improves Bone Healing

According to some researchers of Cell Biology in Switzerland, there is a relationship between the use of creatine and bone healing. In a study they conducted, creatine significantly enhanced the activity of a marker called ALP (alkaline Phosphate). ALP plays an important role in promoting bone growth and recovery.

Since cell energy is vital for bone development and recovery, creatine enhances cell energy which in promotes bone formation. So for runners, to get better bone recovery support from creatine is essential to avoid common injuries.

4. Creatine Enhances Muscle Strength and Mass

-Increase Muscle Strength

One of the loved benefits of creatine is its ability to increase muscle strength to help us to complete more reps during our workout routine, and longer runs. Studies conducted show that those who take creatine supplements had a 25% increase in their one rep max on the squat.

Being able to complete more reps makes our muscles stronger for our next run.

Additional studies found that powerlifters gained 3-5kgs of lean body weight in one month with creatine supplementation. Creatine is also known to stimulate the production of protein. More protein means more muscle.

Since creatine absorbs water taking it from our blood to our muscles, our body will be able to produce more protein rapidly.

-Better Running

As a runner, stronger and bigger muscles boils down to better endurance, stamina and overall better performance. Being able to increase our pre-run training by gaining muscle, enables us to economically use oxygen.

Efficient oxygen usage means greater speed and endurance.

5. Creatine Reduces Muscle Loss

-Muscle Loss As We Age

One of the things that happen when we age is that we lose muscle mass. This is mostly due to the decline in the production of testosterone and other hormones that promote muscle growth. Creatine enhances muscle strength and mass and it is these muscles that degenerate with age.

In order to reduce the muscle loss, a hormone called IGF-1 is important. Sadly, as we age, the amount of this hormone produced is also reduced. Creatine has been found to help maintain the levels of this hormone as we age.

According to researchers creatine has the potential to improve the production of IGF-1 in elderly people. And creatine also supports our cognitive function that tends to lower as we age.

Suggested use

Mix 1 scoop od creatine powder with at least 250ml of water, juice, or preferred beverage daily or as recommended by your health-care or performance professional. Can be used 30-90 minutes before or after exercise.


Enjoy the Benefits of Creatine Supplements, Feel Better, Better Runs, Better Recovery and Muscle Strength!


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