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What Is Collagen?


One of the most abundant protein in the body, Collagen is made up of the following amino acids:


  • Proline

  • Hydroxyproline

  • Glycine


It provides structure to bones, tendons, ligaments and skin and is essential for maintaining healthy connective tissue. Our body starts to loose Collagen when we turn 30 years old, and by the time we turn to 60, our body will lose 50% of Collagen. That is why it is super important to consume some good Collagen or Collagen Peptides daily to support our bones and muscle health.


Running, like all training, adds stress on our body, particularly on connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments. Strength, power and speed are directly linked to having stiff connective tissues. That stiffness depends on two main factors, collagen content and the number of cross-links within it. But while stiff connective tissue benefits performance, it’s also linked to higher rates of injury. So it’s a fine balance.


Collagen is the second most abundant substance in the body and accounts for about 30% of the total body protein. This function is to help form a complex that supports organs and soft tissues joints. There are three types of Collagen that are most commonly found in supplements or powder- Types I, II, and III. Types I and III are found more in skin, bones, blood vessels, and connective tissue, while Type II is found in joint cartilage.


If we consume animal products, our bodies can also make it by combining broken down amino acids (glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline). Fruits and vegetables also support Collagen formation and help prevent Collagen degradation with their high Vitamin C content (citrus fruits, bell peppers, leafy greens, and berries).


How Can Collagen Help Runners?


As we age Collagen production decreases and running itself is hard on the joints and tissues in the body. This often leaves runners looking for magical solutions to these problems. In general, even if we are eating a balanced diet, using a collagen powder or supplement is necessary to support our body muscles and bones health.


If you are a runner with frequent joint pain (osteoarthritis) or are dealing with a tendon or ligament injury and want to consider a little bit extra support, to consume daily collagen powder would be super-efficient to release the pain or injury.


According to some research, consuming 5-15g of Collagen combined with 500mg of Vitamin C within one hour or more of running or exercise helps to double the rate of Collagen synthesis in the ankle.


Also, Collagen supplementation can be so effective in improving osteoarthritis symptoms.



What’s The Best Way To Supplement With Collagen?


If you are a runner that is considering using Collagen powder or supplement, there are a few recommendations you should consider when choosing a good brand. Personally, I always recommend consuming some good Collagen peptides powder daily. This type of Collagen is more efficient to support our joints, muscles and bones. We can easily add it to our coffee, smoothie, or healthy drink.



Also, we should know that Collagen is not a complete protein, so we should not rely on it to get all of the amino acids that our body needs. Especially for runners and athletes, our body does need also some good higher-levels of protein.



Add Some Protein Peptides To Your Daily Diet, Appreciate Supporting Good Joints And Muscle Health, Enjoy Better Nice Runs Or Other Exercises, With No Pain Or Injuries!


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