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Energy chews can provide a quick source of energy, which can be convenient during endurance exercise, such as running, trail running, cycling, hiking. Energy chews are a convenient way to consume carbohydrates during running and endurance exercise, they’re easy to carry and provide a concentrated source of energy.

Sustaining energy throughout a long run is a critical part of training and racing. To get the most out of our runs, we have to fuel ourself properly. To run long-distance without some kind of calorie intake, we will struggle to hit our goals, and struggle to recover well.

Similar to gels, energy chews are portable, quick energy combined with electrolytes. As part of a fueling strategy, energy chews might make the difference between hitting the wall and hitting our goals. If we don’t fuel our body properly according to our runs and training, our body will be super depleted of carbs and electrolytes and we will crash.

One of the top brand I’ve been recommending to many runners who really enjoy them, is CLIF SHOT BLOCKS ENERGY CHEWS. They’re tasty, contain electrolytes as well as carbs and organic ingredients, super healthy, easy to digest and have 100 calories per three chews. We feel more energy and no stomach issues, even when taking the CLIF CHEWS during Ultra Runs or Races we can refuel our body to keep going.

When choosing an energy chew brand, it is important to consider the ingredients, nutritional content, additives, electrolyte levels, and serving size. An energy chew that works for you may be different from what works for someone else, it often takes trial and error to determine what fuel and hydration is best for our body during exercise. For me, I tried many different brands for years, but for the last 6 years I’ve been truly enjoying the benefits of CLIF SHOT BLOCKS ENERGY CHEWS.

CLIF BLOKS quick energy chews are my top pick, because they taste great, offer great nutrition for refueling while running or mid-workout, also it comes in bite-size pieces and easy to carry, that fits nicely in our, running belt, Hydrapack or shorts pocket.

Clif Bar recommends consuming half of the CLIF BLOKS packet (or one serving) 15 minutes prior to starting your activity, followed by one to three chews every 60 minutes of activity, as tolerated. It also recommends a small mouthful of water after consuming a BLOK CHEW, to balance out our sugar and electrolyte intake, to help maintain our fluid status.

Each pack provides 48 grams of carbohydrates from tapioca syrup, cane sugar, and maltodextrin, as well as sodium and potassium to cover any losses through sweat. While the salted watermelon flavour is not caffeinated, we can choose a caffeinated flavour if desired. CLIF BLOCKS CHEWS provide many flavours, there is an option for everyone’s taste preference, different fruits flavour, some caffeinated and non-caffeinated options

  • Sweet and salty flavour

  • Provides a good amount of sodium

  • Easy to open and carry

Reasons You Might Choose Chews Over Gels

  • While the purpose is the same and they may contain some of the same ingredients as gels, energy chews are different from gels in a number of ways.

  • The goal of using them is the same, to provide us energy and nutrition when we need it.

  • So if you’re someone who doesn’t like gels or wants to try something different, energy chews may be a good option.

We’re more likely to take Chews if we enjoy the flavours and can tolerate the consistency and texture, we will be happy to keep taking the Clif Block Energy Chews.


Enjoy Taking The Clif Shot Blocks Energy Chews, Feel More Energized, Stronger, Better, More Comfortable And Enjoy Longer Runs Or Other Exercises!


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