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Feeling some muscles with aches and pain, after a run or workout is very common with 80% of runners and trainers. Especially, after performing long runs or intense workouts, we can feel some muscle damage.

To focus on soothing, recovering and treating sore muscles post-training is very important to support our muscles, avoid intense muscle pain, and restore our muscles to be able to keep running and exercising without pain or injuries.


5 Options for Soothing Sore Muscles After a Run or Workout 


As the dust settles on an intense training, our muscles might feel sad and increase soreness. Let’s explore five soothing strategies to restore peace in muscular wellness and good strength and flexibility.


1.     Alternate Between Ice and Heat Therapy


Alternating between ice and heat therapy is a good version that plays out on a cellular level, encouraging dynamic healing. The cold compresses to reduce inflammation by narrowing blood vessels, while heat opens them up for improved circulation.


A good recommendation is to start with icing our sore spots to calm the initial pain of post-workout inflammation. The recommendation is to use ice for 2-3 minutes or 5 minutes if  we can tolerate, and a few hours later hours, we should switch to heat for 2-5 minutes.


Or even just to take a cold shower after a run or workout will be super-efficient to release our inflammation, and support our muscle health.



2.     Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream or CBD Cream


When the repeats of our training routine leave us aching and with muscle soreness, we should consider using anti-inflammatory and pain relief creams.


Two options are anti-inflammatory muscle therapy Penetrex cream (Arnica, Vitamin B6, MSM) or CBD cream or oil for pain relief.


3.     Use Compression Gear and Kinesiology Tape


To wear compression clothing post-workout we can feel better. It squeezes us just right, increasing circulation while reducing muscle soreness. Runners can even use compression gear, especially socks to improve their endurance performance slightly.


To wear Kinesiology Sport Tape is super-efficient to support muscle soreness, pain when running or exercising. It protects and support muscle injuries.


Benefits of Kinesiology Tape


  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Creates spaces in joints

  • Prevents and relieves muscles cramping

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Accelerate muscle recovery

  • Supports injured muscles



4.     Eat Well, Hydrate, And Perform Good Stretches


Eating well before and after a workout is like refuelling a high-performance energy, it supports to run better on good quality fuel. A balanced diet loaded with nutrients gives our muscles the raw materials they need to repair and strengthen. Think of colourful natural food, healthy carbs, protein and healthy fat,  as a good repair snack or meal.


We should focus and add good hydration post-run or training, water is an ultimate tonic for weary muscles. Proper fluid intake keeps everything moving smoothly, and to add electrolytes will support our muscles and body health. After eating and hydrating, we can perform some good stretches that extend and refresh our aching muscles.


5.     Massage Therapy and Some Good Sleep


A massage therapist can provide some good peace and progress in sore muscles areas. This massage hands-on approach improves circulation, which is super-efficient for recovery, and helps release muscle pain.


If we feel some muscle pain and soreness, to get some good sleep works undisturbed to repair our physical form. Our body dives deep into restoration mode during those precious hours of sleep (7-9 hours), helping us recover more quickly. 


Our post-run or workout recovery is crucial, and support important. We should focus on good stretches, good natural full of nutrients refuelling, hydration, massage and good sleep.


Good Recovery, Good Refuelling And Hydration, Good Sleep, And Focusing On Our Body, Will Make Us Feel Much Better And Reduce Muscle Soreness, So We Can Enjoy Some Nice Runs!


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