Our classes

Improve your overall fitness, and health with our high energy, fun, and motivational classes. Great for all fitness levels.

Core…Strength…Endurance…Agility…Speed work…Cardio and Interval training



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00-7:00am 6:30-9:00am Trail Run 6:00-7:00am 6:30-9:00am Trail Run 6:00-7:00am 6:30am Trail Run
9:00-10:00am 9:00-10:00am 8:30-9:30am





$100/Trail Run or $400/month (unlimited Trail Run when added to your sessions)

$400/4 sessions

$700/8 sessions

$1000/month (unlimited classes) or $1400/month (unlimited classes + Trail runs)


* Personal Training Sessions available upon request

d.BeFit Trail Running Team
Program: September,2018- December 2018
Fee: 3,000$
Join a great community of trail runners, with great team spirit and motivation. Pick your distance, you will get a full training program, nutrition coaching, twice weekly trail runs and a free performance t-shirt when you sign up.


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