About us

d.BeFit was founded in 2012 by Katia Kucher an NASM certified & PTA Global personal trainer.

Katia Kucher running

Katia Kucher d.BeFit founder/owner, fitness and nutrition coach with a strong background in strength training, core training, TRX, interval training and running coaching. As a fitness and nutrition coach the focus is on following a  healthy, balanced and  high energy lifestyle. Promotes training activities and health nutrition to help motivate clients to reach their health and fitness goals. For athletes, nutrition programs help find a balanced diet to improve performance levels, strength and endurance and maintain an overall health.


Starting the New Year:

2018 Challenge: Run 2018kms in 2018, or 1800kms in 2018 pick your challenge.
Trail running training for 15K, 25K, 50K and 100K race.
d.BeFit Trail Running Team was launched on November 27th, 2014.
Join a great community of trail runners. Contact us for details.


NASM CPT ,PTA Global Certification, TRX certified, NASM Sports Nutrition Specialist, PN Nutrition Certification, CPR and First Aid Certification


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